Friday, September 7, 2012

Surprising Story of the Hidden Healer's New Name!

What's in a name? Some say everything!

Whenever we add a family member to the Happily Ever After Healing Horse Herd, we like to christen them with a brand spanking new name that above all, feels great to say, because it means something uplifting. And more importantly, we choose a name that expresses something important about the horse.

So when it came time to name the 2012 Hidden Healer, I sat with him under the stars and asked him to show me who he was....this was his surprising answer!

And so Precepts Ten, called Blackie at the track, became Galaxy.

And as if to affirm my choice of name, I got a very intriguing confirmation only a few days later when a friend invited me to watch the movie Black Whole.

A Galaxy Horse!

We both expected it to be about space and you guessed it, Black Holes (which I really wasn't even interested in!)...but it was about so much more than that! In fact, it was one of the most mind-boggling, awe-inspiring documentaries I have ever seen in my whole life!

It told the story of how astrophysicist Nassim Haramein essentially sovled the biggest physics puzzle, by creating what in essence is the Unified Field Theory- which basically explains the whole nature of Consciousness, how we can all be connected, and how we are all One.

And of course, he does this partially through explaining the true nature of GALAXIES. Well, suffice it to say, due to the many coincidences, I was pretty sure this movie was the serendipitous answer to my question posed in the video: "What is a Galaxy Horse? What gifts will Galaxy offer us?"

And the answer was quite a stunner indeed! Nothing short of understanding the true nature of the Universe and how we can all experience Oneness!!!

If any of THAT is a taste of what is in store as we get to know the horse Galaxy and he begins sharing his heart-ful gifts, we are in for a wild, star-filled, uplifting ride after all!!! Hang onto your reins, we're taking flight into the biggest mysteries of all! Your soul!

And as a last interesting coincidence, when I searched for an image of a galaxy horse (hoping that some creative artist captured the image I saw in my head when Galaxy showed me who he was! which I didn't find!) what I did find was a fascinating object that looks like a horse's head which is called the Horse Head Nebula and it is located in Orion's belt (which fascinatingly enough was the only constellation mentioned in the movie and was also the only other name I was considering for Galaxy because it too kept popping into my head).
Horse Head Nebula in Orion's Belt

So perhaps there is an Orion connection for our Galaxy as well!

*** Please share! How did you name a beloved family member? Where did your inspiration come from? Click on the little "comments" link below to inspire others with your experience!

*** Want to take your own mind-bending journey into the explanation for Consciousness, the Universe, and how it all works? Grab your copy of the Black Whole...while it does take a concerted effort to wade your way through Haramein's amazing discoveries, it's totally worth it. It's nothing less than breath-taking when you make it to the end and he ties up the nature of Oneness with an unbeliveable, pretty little bow that will change the way you understand the nature of EVERYTHING! The man is pure genius! Can you tell, I am now a fan?

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jmci said...

I adopted a nurse mare foal when she was two years old. I'd known her since she was just a couple of weeks old, when she'd been given the name Pandora because of her curious, mischievous personality. During the time I was trying to decide whether or not to adopt her, I was at church one day, and the name of St. Bridget came up. And it just came into my head that if I adopted the filly, I would re-name her Bridget, and immediately with that realization came the conviction that I would adopt her. So she is now Bridget, and while she still has her goofy, mischievous personality, I feel the name Bridget emphasizes the other side of her personality, which is affectionate, reliable, down-to-earth, and courageous. Another of our horses had been named "Buddy" which is what I call all male creatures, so that didn't work. It was my husband who suggested the name George, and as I was delighted at this sign of involvement on his part, I went with it. At first I joked around, calling him Curious George, and George of the Jungle, but as time went by, this horse, who had been aggressive, guarded, and mistrustful, became more and more of a gentleman. One day he did something SO helpful that I cried out, "Now you are SAINT George!" And as time has gone by, I have seen him struggling with his inner demon, which is like a dragon, and whereas initially I thought we had to defeat and destroy that dragon, I have learned from him that we can patiently gentle the dragon and turn it into our ally. So I think my husband picked the right name.