Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 10: A Quantum Leap into Trust: Napping with Galaxy!

You know those special firsts with a new horse, the kind you’ll always remember?
Today was one of those days. Galaxy hasn’t been here very long at all, and he’s choosing to offer his greatest possible display of trust: inviting me to take a nap with him!
These quiet moments when twos hearts share space are my most precious of all!
Plus it’s showing just how far Galaxy is coming in understanding this new type of relationship we are offering to him- and to so quickly be offered that gift of trust? Priceless!


Doesn’t get much more beautiful than that!
THANK YOU Galaxy for sharing your trusting heart with me. You are blossoming into an amazing healing partner.

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Vicki Anderson said...

Oh that was just so beautiful. I cried it was just so moving to see the trust and surrender from Galaxy. Still crying. Lol

Thank u for these divine videos they are so joyful to watch. I am learning so much.

Blessings and gratitude to Dr Jenn

Xx. Vicki

Dr. Jenn and the Healing Herd said...

Thanks for stopping by Vicki! I'm delighted that you were moved by Galaxy. It was such a heart touching moment in our journey together! :)

He's such a character, I'm always learning more and more through my relationship with his greatness!

Many blessings on your own journey!