Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Rainbow Blessing for Galaxy!

Will wonders ever cease?!

After giving Galaxy the Oneness Blessing, that very same evening, Galaxy was showered with his first Rainbow!

Rainbows are special signs of blessing here at the ranch! We're closely connected to the Rainbow energy, a spectrum of healing energies which represent all vibrations for healing and manifestation.

It's so strong around here that I call our ranch's location Rainbow Ridge because I've never seen so many rainbows before! In fact, we routinely have double rainbows in our backyard where I can actually see both ends!

And since the day we decided to make this place home, rainbows have showed up as special signs that "All is well and getting better!"

What's most interesting about this timing of Galaxy's first rainbow right after the Oneness Blessing is that this summer we've had the worst drought so we have not had ANY rainbows at all!

Till now. Thanks for Blessing Galaxy with your Rainbow energies of Love! All IS well!

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