Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 5: A Whole New World! Giving Choices

Here’s a BIG, fat, thorny issue! Are horses beings with free will that should be given choices?! I think so!
It’s really easy to forget, when working around horses or any animal for that matter- that they really are not objects to be used as we see fit, but Beings filled with the Universal Source of Energy with their own free will! Which means they should get a say in as many things as possible.
Imagine a world where that was the case for all horses and animals!
Let’s see what happens as we continue to let Galaxy know that in his new home, he gets a choice!

It all comes back down to this choice that we get to make in every moment: Are we going to do TO our horses or are choosing to BE WITH our companions?!

**Please inspire others with your experience! Please comment: How do you try to give your horse a choice? What’s his typical response? (To comment, just click the tiny "# comment" link below)

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