Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 4: Ritual 2 Saying Hello!

Today, we’re ready to move on to Waterhole Ritual 2: Saying Hello. After Galaxy got used to Ritual 1: Sharing Territory, he was now willingly choosing to spend time with me. So it was time for the next step, entering his space by “saying hello.”
I love this step because it in essence says to the Horse, “I respect you so much that I am not even going to ENTER your space, without permission!”
Whoa! Can you imagine what that could mean to a race horse who is used to being DONE to all day long without a choice in any of it!?
Working well with Saying Hello requires paying attention to the Horse’s energy bubble and his tiny acknowledgements and permissions to you…let’s see what happens when I approach Galaxy and give him a new option: Choice!

It’s such a blessing with we give horses the freedom to choose and they choose to be in relationship, huh?!
Please inspire others with your experience! Please comment: How does horse give you subtle signs and permission that he wants to be with you? What makes him more willing to say YES to you? (To comment, just click the tiny "# comment" link below)
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