Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Hidden Healer's Last Day at the Track 2012

Galaxy got to come home the day after his last race. Check out his final day at the track and his introduction to his new home at the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch outside of Denver, CO!

Here's a little bit more information on Galaxy's race career.  Previously known as Precepts Ten, he was born in Arkansas in 2007.

He started racing as a 2 yo and had 23 starts as a race horse, coming in 1st once, 2nd three times, and 3rd five times. In his 5 years, he had 7 owners and he raced in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado. His earnings were over $23,000.

With all of that moving around it's amazing that his heart was still open for connection!

A shout out of thanks to Galaxy's trainer/owners Linda Jones & Lazy F Farms and CANTER's Colorado Chapter who made this match possible! Plus a hug of thanks to Bronco Billy for his gracious generosity which made my introduction to the "scary" track backside a welcome, friendly pursuit!

Last Day at the Track: Galaxy with his track family

I can't wait to share Galaxy's journey from race horse to healing horse with you!

*** Has an off-the-track TB ever stolen your heart and touched your life? Please share your experience and make a comment! (Just click the tiny "1 comment" link below)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Was it Destiny? Meet the 2012 Hidden Healer: Galaxy!

When we began looking for a horse to focus this project on, we formed a heart intention to draw toward us a powerful healer with an inspiring story that would uplift others.

For 3 months, we looked and looked for the horse who was to become the Hidden Healer, meeting over 30 horses in the process, always keeping our heart open to the "knowing" who was The One...not unlike online dating BTW (I'm also a dating coach!)

In the end, destiny brought us together with a 5 year-old, 17 hand, dark bay TB race horse who was listed as Precepts Ten, on the newly formed Colorado chapter of CANTER- an organization who helps find homes for retiring racers.

There was only one snag...after I made the heart connection with this horse, and literally had trouble tearing my eyes from his magestic being, his trainer and owners changed their mind about his availablity, deciding they wanted to race him till the end of the meet, still four weeks away...

Undaunted, I was patient and once a week I'd go to the backside of the track and spend an hour of quality time hanging with him. He was always willing to connect with me and spent all of our time following me around or tuned into me. Wherever I stood or sat, he chose to be with me, occasionally putting his head in my lap, somewhat unexpected behavior from a track horse, many of whom are cranky or aloof.

Yet, as that final race day approached, the owners had a renewed interest in taking him down to the next race meet in New Mexico, depending on how he ran...so it was all coming down to one last race...did this horse want to be a race horse or a healer?

As I watched the horses being led into the starting gate, I stood close by at the rail. When Precepts Ten, Blackie as he was known then, entered his gate, I called out to him, "Blackie!"

What happened next, I'll never forget. Even in all the hub-bub, he actually turned his head and looked right at me. A final reminder perhaps, that this was his choice. What was it going to be?

As the horses left the gate, tears sprung to my eyes and Blackie shot out into third place....

Discover the outcome of the race...and meet the Hidden Healer here, who has been renamed Galaxy.

Want to watch the race that defined the Hidden Healer's destiny? It's available on Arapahoe Park's streaming video race results. Visit this link: The Hidden Healers Final Race
Then select the date Friday Aug 17th, 2012.
Then select race #11.
Select ALLOW to let the program run on your computer (it's safe).
The Hidden Healer was known then as Precepts Ten, he is number 9, in the teal silks.

A SPECIAL THANKS to Kali Crosby, a very special and talented animal communicator, who helped us tune into many potential horses during the over 6 months we did of looking for the right special horse for this project! If you are looking for a new horse, or are having issues with your own horse, Kali is an awesome go-to resource to solve any difficulty by talking right to your horse! Visit her at: animal-listening.com. I can't recommend her highly enough!

*** Do you believe that destiny can bring you and a horse together? How has the universe orchestrated bringing a special horse into your life? Please share a comment. Your story inspires others!

Interested in partnering with a retiring race horse? CANTER does amazing work all across the US helping to find TB's a new home off the track. Visit them here: CANTER

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome to the Hidden Healer Project 2012-2013!!!

As a psychologist and equine-inspired healing coach, I, like many others, have discovered that horses are amazing healers capable of helping us transform our deepest wounds and call forth our greatest selves!

I'm always surprised, although by now I shouldn't be!, that I can walk into any plain old boarding barn, show arena, or backyard pasture and discover there a Hidden Healer- a horse who will offer to partner with me to help me shift into my Best Self.

All over the world, there are similar horses, awaiting the opportunity to be seen for who they really are- Healers capable of transforming the Human Heart!

In fact, the Horses have shown me a vision for a world where ALL ARE SEEN FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE! And even more, where EVERY BEING, of all sizes, shapes, and body types- can be appreciated for the gifts they bring through their very essence

Imagine that world! Yummy!

The Horses are now asking us to co-create this vision into a reality!  Will you join in?

To move toward this vision of a soul to soul, heart to heart world, where Horses can be seen for who they are, where interested horses are offered the opportunity to partner with humans on a level where healing takes place naturally- we are doing a year-long prject called The Hidden Healer.

By sharing the journey of one such previously hidden horse, we hope to raise awareness that many horses are healers in an equine body simply waiting for you to discover what they wish to offer YOU.

And by partnering with a retiring Thoroughbred racehorse, we hope to highlight that these Hidden Healers can be found everywhere, all around us, even in the most unlikely places, when you open your heart to SEE.

So join us for an exciting adventure as we share the journey of one race horse from the end of his racing career as he transitions into a new life as a Healing Horse at the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch, outside of Denver, CO!

**Have you unexpectedly met a Hidden Healer yourself? Where? How did you know? Please share a comment! Your experience uplifts others!!!

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