Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 11 Part 2: Releasing Heart Armor

Remember a few days back when Glaxy told me he had a few walls around his heart that he'd want help dissolving?

Well, today was the day!

I think that it's curious timing: right after working on adding another layer of respect to our partnership- after I was willing to show leadership- he was ready to release his walls!

I guess it takes trust, respect, and love as foundations to ask someone for help releasing your wounds...let's tune in as the process of releasing Galaxy's Heart Armor takes place...

Very sweet and such an honor to serve this noble being...don't we all have some walls in our hearts! Horses can too...

*** Please share! When did a horse help you release your Heart Armor or you helped a horse dissolve his? Click on the little "comments" link below to inspire others with your experience!

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